About Us

Bay Heritage Consultants is based in Wellington, New Zealand and carries out historic research projects about heritage buildings, specialising in investigating the social and architectural history of buildings and their occupants.  

We have researched and written about some of New Zealand’s most important heritage buildings, including the St James Theatre, Weir House and Old St Paul’s in Wellington, as well many other historic houses, war memorials, churches, bridges and factories.  

We regularly work with conservation architects such as Chris Cochran and Ian Bowman, private owners of heritage buildings, Heritage New Zealand and local authorities.

We also complete photographic records of heritage buildings, reserve management plans for heritage sites, heritage impact assessmentsoral history projects, and historic research for authors. 

Prior to setting up Bay Heritage Consultants eight years ago, director Elizabeth Cox worked as Heritage Destinations Manager at the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, (now Heritage New Zealand), managing some of New Zealand’s most important heritage sites, including Old St Paul’s, Pencarrow Lighthouse and Antrim House in Wellington.  

She has also worked at the National Trust in the United Kingdom and as a historian for the Waitangi Tribunal.  Elizabeth has a MA in New Zealand history from Victoria University of Wellington.  

Elizabeth can call on a wide range of consultants, including conservation architects, archaeologists and planners, to assist where necessary.


Check out Elizabeth’s heritage blog, and her major on-line historical project about the history of Old St Paul’s, Wellington.  Her book about the history of Old St Paul’s A Friend Indeed: The Saving of Old St Paul’s (2018) in available from Unity Books.  She’s also on Facebook and Twitter