Erskine #3

The beautiful chapel at Erskine College has been cordoned off this week (as pictured above) because a new engineering report written

Facades and Parapets

The government has issued a new policy today, to require owners of particular buildings to “tie back” at-risk facades and parapets that face onto the street within one year.  The focus is on unreinforced masonry buildings on routes that have high pedestrian and vehicle traffic in four areas which now have a heightened risk of earthquakes as a result…

Erskine College #2

Pre-Christmas, things appear to be moving fast on Erskine College.  Last week, the Save Erskine College Trust (SECT) was given an interim enforcement order by the Environment Court against developer The Wellington Company, the owner of the college.  

A reflection on the Wellington Online Heritage Inventory

In the second of our guest articles by students and graduates of the Museum and Heritage Studies programme at Victoria University of Wellington, Rebecca Ford writes about the new Wellington City Council Heritage Inventory. Christmas came early for Wellington heritage fans on 29 November. The Wellington City Council Heritage Inventory ( ) has finally launched, and it is a…

Catholic Work

The inauguration of our new Catholic Prime Minster today reminded me of the rather sad, and, in the end, futile letter written by Catholic architect John Sidney Swan, 

Retrospective Funding Now Available for Wellington Heritage

In a fairly major policy change, the Wellington City Council have just announced that it is possible to apply retrospectively for funding from the council’s Heritage Fund for earthquake strengthening, which has a budget of 1.2 million for 2016-2017.  This will allow owners who had to carry out urgent repairs, or pay for engineering assessments,…

Erskine College #1

I was surprised to see in my Saturday newspaper that the advertisements have begun for the 96 new houses, apartments and townhouses (as pictured) that are planned for the Erskine College site in Island Bay.   Of course I know that they are spec built, and so the developer needs to start selling them even before…

The changing pace of heritage

In the first of a series of blogs by students at the excellent post-graduate Museums and Heritage Studies programme at Victoria University of Wellington, Anna Abernethy reflects on Wellington Mayor Justin Lester’s recent announcement of his intention to reduce the deadlines for owners of earthquake-prone buildings to upgrade, or demolish, their buildings.  Growing up in Auckland in the…

Our Favourite Modernist Buildings?

The Architecture Centre in Wellington has joined the fray to fight for yet another building; the Gordon Wilson Flats, on the Terrace.  The Architecture Centre is an independent,

More money for Wellington heritage

Wellington City Council has just released its next round of funding for heritage buildings from its Built Heritage Incentive Fund.  It’s great to see the fabulous Futuna Chapel getting a substantial $34,000 for seismic strengthening and conservation work, along with large amounts for two Frederick De Jersy Clere religious buildings: St Gerard’s Monastery, and St Matthias in…